A majority of international students who come to the U.S. to study face challenges which typically include adapting to a new culture and financial sustenance. Mentoring such students can help ease the transition.

Benevolence Fund

A National Benevolence Fund has now been established and all members are encouraged to register as members so as to harness the power of numbers to their mutual benefit in case they lose a close family member.

Medical Missions

We encourage You to participate in our medical missions. Your tax-deductible donation covers transportation costs, lodging, meals, permit requirements, clinic, airport taxes and other requirements necessary.

Cultural Fete

Gotabgaa International holds an annual cultural fete that focuses on the learning and appreciation of the Kalenjin culture through games, songs, dances, storytelling, oral presentations, cultural dishes & more.

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Welcome to Gotabgaa International

We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization registered in the state of Georgia that is focused on connecting, uplifting and empowering individuals and families through community programs.

Our Mission

Inspire, connect and economically empower our members through education, networking, investment opportunities and cultural awareness.

Our Vision

Unite members and have a platform where talent, leadership, culture and innovation are nurtured.

Our Chapters

Gotabgaa Chapter locations: Dallas, Houston, Kansas City. North Carolina, Oklahoma, Wichita, Wisconsin, Washington DC. Ohio, Minnesota and Iowa.

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Meet our National Leadership Team

Janeth Rutto

Board President


Vincent Sumbaei

Board Vice President


Esly Kania

Secretary General


Joe Sitienei

National Coordinator


Allan Kemboi

National Treasurer



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